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This travel guide to Berlin is one of’s many customized guides. Use it on your smartphone, tablet, computer or print it, and since you get a lot of information about Berlin, just be ready to explore. That will make your trip more eventful and unforgettable. The city’s famous and also lesser-known sights are covered, because it adds new perspectives to your visit. With the suggested walking tours, you will see all the sites at your leisure. You will find that the walks not only take you to the top 10 sights, but also to the many lovely local places or sights that are a little off the beaten track.

Interesting sights

Maps in the travel guide show you where you are as well as giving you opportunity to pick the sights of your choice. Follow the suggested walks or organize your own, because you can plan from the sight list and maps. There are geotags to all the sights, and a click away with Google Maps can instantly get the shortest route to the sights on your smartphone or tablet. Along the way the travel guides give you ideas to find good shopping places or funny activities to do with kids.

Historical overview

You get a description of the city’s history with an overview of the things that have shaped the city you are visiting in the travel guide. Big events, wars, cultural influences, industrialization and much more hightligts the city’s past and present. You also find country information about Germany, which provides basic facts about the place you are visiting.

About the travel guide to Berlin

– The travel guide suggests 7 walking tours in the city as well as daytrips from the city
– Stig Albeck explored the city, and he write 65 pages in this guide
– DK-3450 Allerød published this guide 2016
– The language is English, and the ISBN number is 978-87-93491-10-6

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