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We are always looking for the things,
that can make your next trip special
and with long lasting memories.

When we write our travel guides, we always have a good and rewarding experience in mind. We believe it is important to get home with more knowledge and good memories that you can live through many times after the trip. Therefore, we are constantly looking for new places when we travel to update existing travel guides and publish new titles. We are convinced that it gives you an even better travel experience.

We visit cities and regions and come up with suggestions for tours, that can give you an overview and a multitude of impressions that puts your destination in a historical and cultural perspective. It’s everything from the obvious attractions such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the White House in Washington to many places you might not have chosen to see; a nice little park, an architectural baroque gem of a church or a museum, that does not exist elsewhere in the world.

Our travel guides are written so they can be used immediately on your smartphone or tablet, but of course you can also print them for the journey. Each guide gives you an overview, introduction and loads of information on your destination.

  • Historical overview that introduces you to the destination

  • City maps and maps of the region with walking tours and daytrips

  • Tour suggestions in the cities and in the region of destination

  • Information about each attraction with GPS information

  • Shopping information, useful links and activities with children

  • Country facts with information about the country you will be visiting


We are dedicated travelers who have been to many places in the world to find impressions, inspiration and lots of facts to our travel guides for your vacation.

Stig Albeck

Our writer

Always in search of experiences around the world. Curious and interested in all the offers, cities and countries allow.


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We write travel guides on exciting cities and locations on all continents except Antarctica…we let the penguins work on that


We are constantly seeking for new sights, lovely people, beautiful scenery and much more for our travel guides.