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Rzeszów Market Square

Rynek is the old market square in Rzeszów, and it is still the meeting point for locals and tourists alike. Rynek is the center of the Old Town of Rzeszów, and there are many cafes, restaurants and shop around the market square buildings.

The present layout dates from the 19th century after a fire in 1842. The fire destroyed the older wooden houses and wooden parts of others. The basements have been preserved till today and they are one of the tourist attractions in Rzeszów nowadays.

Historically Rynek was a place of lively trade in various products such as jewelry, textiles and handicraft. The market moved later on to the New Town market square. At the Rynek, the bell on the old city hall that rang to signal the commencement of trade in the morning, and the ending in the afternoon.

The most interesting attractions today are the city hall and the underground cellars which are open as a tourist route.


Rynek, Old Town
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